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The Senate Takes A Vote

Their lies are prompted
from teleprompters
and executed flaw-fully
from taxpayer’s helicopters.

They say we’re protecting
foreign daughters
while filtering profits
to desert clad marauders.

Blank faced public
fear conversing religion and politics
while passively electing
lunatics with trigger switches.

Arm the rebels
they bite the hand that feeds
the middle east burns
while America fucking bleeds.

The white, blue and red
camo helmets on their heads
farm fed frat boys
equipped with jackets of lead.

We watched Saddam crumble
his statue beaten with shoes
but the same war we already fought
the puppets now will choose.

Fight the good fight
support the troops.

Drone strikes by twilight
fuck the troops.

An Army of one
Sempter Fi
Do or Die
I won’t shed a single tear when you come back in a casket
covered in a flag you valued more than your life.

Our heroes are our welfare
stop blaming single mothers
plastic bags tied around throats
water boarding dissent, it smothers.

Fuck the Metal of Honor
I’m tearing up your portrait Obama.
How many can benefit from free tuition?
But we give it to those trained to slaughter.

Our priority is the police state
Nazis pretending to tote freedom.
We sip our Americanos
And retain nothing from the newspaper we are reading.

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My presumable life partner, @inst_gra_, being aweaome and #gay as fuck on the microphone. (at Spirit Studio Silverlake)

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